About Katie

Katie is a Priestess of Avalon and a Temple Weaver at Glastonbury Goddess Temple. Katie offers Motherpeace Tarot Readings and Deep Soul Healing through Goddess House and Goddess Temple Gifts or by Skype. She offers Ceremonies, Workshops and Retreats focusing on the Avalonian Wheel of the Goddess, Fire and Creativity.

Katie offers:

  • Motherpeace Tarot Readings for Individuals, Couples and Groups.
  • Motherpeace Tarot Reading Special Offer Bundles
  • Learn to read the Tarot
  • Fire Priestess Journey
  • Upcoming Retreats
  • Upcoming Workshops
  • Talks and Ceremonies with visiting groups.
  • Private Access to Sacred Sites and Goddess Tour Guiding.
  • Handfastings and Rites of Passage Ceremonies.
  • I am happy to work with you to craft your perfect experience.

Contact Katie for more information.

Contact details

Email: katieplayer@gmail.com
Facebook:  Katie Player
Phone: 07527 560004
Instagram: @k.atie.player

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